i dont want a job i just want paychecks

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Oh my GOSH this week’s comics were EVEN BETTER than last week’s Cherik-fest my GRACIOUS

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The Rio Caño Cristales - most colorful river (caused by algae and moss seen through the water), Colombia.

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messy sketches of precious darlings u//v//u


messy sketches of precious darlings u//v//u

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I want to talk about Rei.

The one who was a beginner in swimming and thought it would be a bother to enter the swimming club.

He had made so much efforts and always failed to swim correctly, except for the butterfly stroke. So much efforts… And thanks to his friends, thanks to Rin who coached him, because he cares about his role in the club, Rei was able to finally float and swim all the strokes. Just to swim with his friends in the beautiful thing that is the relay.

He was so happy he totally forgot it’s already Haruka and Makoto’s third year. That he won’t swim anymore with them in a competition.

And then, we saw him talking to the new members of the Iwatobi swimming club in the Clear blue departure ending, with papers in the hand. I think he’s the new captain, like Ai’s the new Samezuka captain. And that’s beautiful. He was so into the club, so invested, that Haru and Makoto gave him this important role, knowing the club is in good hands.

From “bumera-megane” he becomes “Rei-buchou”. I’m so proud of him and, even if i’m not happy about how rushed Haruka’s development looked like first before thinking, Rei’s development was really enjoyable and particularly touching.

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  • Things that exist: Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
  • Things that do not exist: "White culture"
  • Things that exist: Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture
  • Things that do not exist: "PoC culture"



its super important that everyone remembers halloween centers around a lot of talk about spirits , death , and graves , and that these things can be very triggering to folk . please , if you arent going to remember to tag all of it , at least tag your halloween posts with #halloween so folk like me can blacklist it . do not make this month hard for us , we go through enough as is

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